The stories you Create

Read the stories of some of our students and see how you are changing lives!

Maya v2.jpg

MAYA H. '15

“When BDS hit our campus, I was out front working to expose the movement’s inconsistencies and hateful undertones. Dalia and Rabbi Daniel provided me with the matzo ball soup and support I needed to deal with the consequences of speaking up. ”

Paul f. '16

“Last year, I experienced a difficult time in my personal life. Rabbi Daniel, with whom I’d become close, kept in contact with me and offered a shoulder and strong advice to help me through.”

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Rodica and Jacob P '17

"How do you measure the value of having your child in a nurturing , accepting , safe environment?  Even more, can you imagine your young adult, exploring their Jewish identity and heritage, guided with sensibility and affinity?"


Julianne G. '15

"During my second year at the CIA, my father unexpectedly passed away. The Sanoff’s were there for me from the minute I found out about his passing and provided me with a comforting familial atmosphere to grieve while my family in Florida was so far away."