Your Jewish Home Away From Home

We are here for YOU - the non-religious, the reform, the conservative, or the cultural Jew!  Try new experiences with other non-orthodox students and Jews from all backgrounds in a warm, open and non-judgmental environment. 



Passover Seder Table

Celebrate the holidays with your campus family. Enjoy user friendly services and casual, delicious, four course homemade meals. No Hebrew proficiency or background knowledge needed to participate.   

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Jewish Learning


Class and tour of a Mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath


Discover your identity. Have you ever considered that we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a world-class education exploring many parts of our identity, yet our Jewish identity (for many) is that of a 12-13-year-old at best? Here’s a chance to explore what Judaism has to offer in your adult life.



Post Yom Kippur Break-Fast with Bagels and Lox

Join our welcoming community for a Friday night Shabbat dinner. Enjoy thoughtful conversation on how Judaism is relevant to modern life and chill out time after a busy week.

Warning! Come with an empty stomach…




Rabbi teaching students how to roll Sushi. Who would have thought?


Roll your own Sushi Social, Welcome back BBQ’s and Cooking for Shabbat are just some of the ways to socialize with other Jewish students on campus.


Cultural Events


Students Learning about Syrian Jewish Culture

Learn about the diversity of the international Jewish community through photo galleries and cuisine.